United Airlines will debut a new boarding order to save time

Starting next week, United Airlines will allow economy-class passengers with window seats to board before those with middle and aisle seats.

The business said the adjustment will save boarding time by two minutes.

The new procedure starts Oct. 26, according to a company memo to CNBC. United reported a two-minute increase in boarding times since 2019.

Airlines frequently change boarding methods to save time, usually giving their biggest spenders early boarding.

 If aircraft and passengers arrive late due to disorderly boarding, it could cause daylong disruptions, especially at congested airports.

The email states that United's preboarding process for disabled travelers, active duty military, 

parents with children under 2 and top-tier elite frequent fliers will continue until Group 3.

Starting with Group 4, window seats will board first, followed by middle and aisle seats. United allows families on the same reservation to board.

All domestic and some international flights will use the new boarding method.

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