Unclaimed Bags: You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Looking for the oddest holiday shopping spot? Shopping at this store year-round earns you points for creativity. It's hard to find a more creative shopping experience than this.

I know you have more pressing issues, but have you wondered what percentage of luggage remains unclaimed? Over 99.5% of domestic airline

checked luggage are carousel-retrieved. Only a small fraction of luggage remain unclaimed after a three-month airline tracing process.

The other.Unclaimed Baggage gets 5%. Through sales, donations, and recycling, Unclaimed Baggage repurposes abandoned bags. 

The company buys unclaimed baggage from all major airlines exclusively. A 1% fraction may seem little. However, millions of individuals traveling

Remember that not all lost luggage are sold. Airlines worldwide recover 97% of lost or forgotten bags, fortunately for travelers.

It was necessary to visit the Unclaimed Baggage store until recently. The business located in Scottsboro, Alabama, a 15,000-person hamlet 40 minutes east of Huntsville. 

You could only buy products in-store until recently. However, they now sell online. The site is well-designed and organized, with several special occasion sales.

Like any purchasing, you need to know your prices to obtain a good bargain. However, their 14-day return policy helps with used and sight-unseen purchases.

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