This Low-cost Airline Is Adding More Routes in the U.S. 

Cheap airline Breeze Airways is expanding nationwide with smaller airport routes. 

Breeze Airways informed Travel + Leisure that it will begin adding direct flights connecting Ohio, California, Rhode Island, Florida, and others in

February. The airline will add many other “BreezeThru” routes where the flight stops at a connecting airport but passengers don't have to get off.

“Breeze always looks for underserved routes where we can add nonstop flights, low fares and our brand of Seriously Nice service,”

Breeze Airways president Tom Doxey told T+L. Today we're delighted to connect 14 of our cities with 15 more nonstops and 7 new BreezeThru routes

The airline announced additional direct services between Cincinnati (a new location in October) and Orange County and Providence on March

30, Columbus and Orange County on March 29, and Columbus and Raleigh-Durham on May 18.

On May 18, the carrier will add Jacksonville-Raleigh-Durham service, and on March 31, Orange County-Pittsburg Breeze will begin Raleigh

Airline will add BreezeThru service between Hartford, Conn., Jacksonville, and San Francisco and Tampa.

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