The 11 Worst Foods for Your Stomach

Fried Foods

Greasy and deep-fried foods can be hard to digest and may lead to stomach discomfort and indigestion.

Spicy Foods

Spices and hot peppers can irritate the stomach lining, causing acid reflux and gastritis.

Carbonated Beverages

Soda and carbonated drinks can lead to bloating and gas due to the release of carbon dioxide in the stomach.

High-Fat Foods

Excessive consumption of fatty foods, like fast food and fried snacks, can slow down digestion and lead to indigestion.

Processed Foods

Highly processed foods often contain additives and preservatives that can upset the stomach and cause inflammation.

Dairy Products

Some people are lactose intolerant and can experience digestive issues like gas and diarrhea after consuming dairy.

Artificial Sweeteners

Certain sugar substitutes like sorbitol and xylitol can have a laxative effect and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


Excessive alcohol consumption can irritate the stomach lining, leading to gastritis and acid reflux.