Southwest Airlines criticized by passengers

On Monday, thousands of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed or canceled worldwide, drawing condemnation from dissatisfied passengers 

FlightAware said that the airline canceled 2,886 flights on Monday, 70% of scheduled flights, due to a winter storm. 

Every airline has canceled or delayed flights in recent days, but Southwest's totals are high.

Fox 11 reported that Southwest aircraft accounted for 106 of the 160 flight cancellations and roughly 30 of the 340 delays at Los Angeles International Airport

Southwest said they are rebooking as many customers as possible and that canceled flights may be refunded or credited depending on open seats.

LAX passengers stated the airline could rebook their ticket on December 31. Southwest Airlines' website lists no LAX-SEA-LGA-SFO flights through December 31.

Midway International Airport in Chicago canceled almost 300 flights as of 5 p.m. local time. 

Customers are unhappy with the airline and say they didn't learn about the issues until they got to the airport. More over half of Southwest flights 

Southwest delayed 48% of flights on Sunday and 16% on Monday, and 60% of Tuesday flights are canceled.

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