Scientists Have Discovered The Maximum Age A Human Can Live To

According to research conducted in the Netherlands, the upper limit of a woman's life expectancy is 115.7 years.

This conclusion was reached by Erasmus University statisticians in Tilburg and Rotterdam after analyzing data from 75,000 deaths that have occurred in the Netherlands over the past three decades.

Perpetrators have lived longer on average over the past three decades, but the eldest members of our society have not aged at all. It is certain that a fortification of some sort exists here.

The average life expectancy has undoubtedly increased. However, the upper limit remains unchanged.

To clarify, this pertains to lifespan rather than life expectancy, the former of which measures the number of years an individual can survive if they maintain good personal hygiene.

These findings are consistent with a study conducted in the United States, in which researchers identified a comparable age range. It was concluded that an individual's maximal lifespan reaches a plateau in their nineties and is improbable to surpass 115 years.

These figures contradict the life expectancy of Jeanne Louise Calment, a Frenchwoman who lived an astounding 122 years. The world record holder, who was born in 1875 and died in 1997, is the oldest individual to have ever lived.

It is unknown whether her accomplishment will ever be surpassed, but Einmahl hopes to have his study, which may disclose the secret to living longer, published within the next month or so.