How To Redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Southwest Airlines' loyalty program uses Rapid Rewards points. Popular features including no change fees and two free checked bags on every flight

Southwest Rapid Rewards points are basic like the airline—they never expire and have no blackout periods. The Southwest Companion Pass

Your sort of program? Learn how to earn, use, and use Southwest Rapid Rewards points to fly almost free and receive a Companion Pass.

Southwest points are easy to redeem. You can redeem points for various incentives, but flights are the most valuable. Southwest's website makes it simple.

But knowing how much the points are worth makes it easy to tell if you're getting a decent deal. Economy is the sole cabin class, hence premium economy

Southwest offers four fares: Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Wanna Get Away Plus. We'll discuss benefits and points earnings for each fare class later.

To test Southwest points' value, we undertook some research. We priced numerous Southwest itineraries on different routes and dates in cash and points

After carefully running through several itineraries, looking at plane tickets over the holidays, low-season, and next summer to Hawaii and Cancun

Divide the ticket price by the points to determine if your redemption is good. Points aren't worth much if the number is below 1.4. A redemption at 1.4 

Southwest doesn't have award charts, but it's easy to switch between cash and points rates after searching for your travel on the website. 

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