How to Explore Olympic National Park Without a Car

Use Public Transportation: – Once you're on the Olympic Peninsula, consider using public transportation to access the park.

Stay in Park Accommodations: – The park offers accommodations within or near some of the major visitor centers, such as Lake Crescent Lodge

Utilize Shuttle Services: – During the peak summer season, Olympic National Park operates shuttle services to popular destinations

Join Guided Tours: – Consider joining guided tours or excursions offered by the park or local tour operators.

Rent Bicycles: – Some areas of the park are accessible by bicycle. You can bring your bike or rent one locally.

Carpool or Rideshare: – If you're traveling with others or meet fellow travelers, consider carpooling or ridesharing to reach specific destinations

Plan Your Hikes: – Plan your hikes and activities in a way that minimizes the need for a car.

Stay in Nearby Towns: – Explore towns near Olympic National Park, like Port Angeles, Forks, or Port Townsend

Practice Leave No Trace: – Regardless of your mode of transportation, always follow Leave No Trace principles to protect the park's natural

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