Europe's Top 7 Road Trips To Try In Your Lifetime

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

You would not believe that Ireland has a 1,600-mile meandering coastal path since you can drive from the north to the south in eight hours.

From Rome To Naples, Italy

Italian roads near the Amalfi Coast are some of the most scenic. Distance – even if you hug the shore instead of using the Amalfi Drive road

Iceland Ring Road, Iceland

Officially named as Þjóðvegur 1, Iceland's ‘ring road’ is an 820-mile circuit starting and ending in Reykjavik.tourists use it to explore some of the country's most beautiful natural attractions.

Dubrovnik To Pula, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a good starting point for this 465-mile trip along the Croatian and Dalmatian beaches.

Bilbao To Menton, France

Starting in Bilbao on Spain's northern shore, this route crosses southern France just above the Pyrenees and finishes on the southern Riviera.

Braga To Faro, Portugal

If you follow the directions, this 430-mile trip takes seven hours. Portugal's many must-sees will soon consume your time, even though this seems little.

Vienna To Belgrade

Vienna, Budapest, and Belgrade make up this 380-mile Danube itinerary, which can be extended to Prague (205 miles) or Zagreb (245 miles) following Belgrade.

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