Costco's Viral New Sandwich Is an Outrageous Combo

Costco members appreciate the food court and often come up with creative ways to make their favorites taste better.

However, a viral Costco food court hack may be the most ridiculous.

Adventuresome Costco shoppers have combined the Chicken Bake, hot dog, and cheese pizza into one huge sandwich called the "Jochizza."

TikToker @soyelarturito may have invented the hack or been one of the first Costco buyers to attempt it.

TikToker @eatitkatie also went popular with a video of her making and sampling the item.

To build a sloppy hotdog bun, the TikToker sliced the Chicken Bake lengthwise. She peeled the pizza's cheese layer off and placed it on 

top after shoving the hot dog in. For the final touch, @eatitkatie added a liberal coating of sliced onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish.

If you don't like the Jochizza but want to change up your food court order, know about a more limited hack that went viral earlier this year.

Costco shoppers must order a hotdog and a Chicken Bake, bite off both ends, stuff the hotdog inside, and enjoy the "forbidden glizzy"

The banned glizzy divided Costco lovers, albeit it wasn't as outrageous as the Jochizza. People were disgusted, captivated, or both. 

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