Costco Is Now Carrying This Popular Drink

The chain sells kits to prepare the famed Taiwanese drink at home. This "basically magic"

Costco bundle contains enough boba and flavor pouches to brew 10 cups of tea, according to Food52.

Taiwan Boba Milk Tea from J Way Foods costs $14.79. This costs roughly $1.50 per cup, far less than buying the drink in a store.

Boba tea must be microwaved in its box for 20 seconds. Mix the flavored powder with two ounces of boiling water. Add ice and cold water or milk before adding boba.

The Costco 10-pack of boba comprises passionfruit–pineapple green tea with fruity boba, 

crème brûlée milk tea with caramel boba, classic milk tea with brown sugar, and taro milk tea.

"Each cup tastes nearly exactly like the advertised flavor, and the boba plumps up nicely and softens to a pleasant chewiness in the microwave,"

Naomi Tomky of Food52. It didn't match the tea shop experience, but it was near for a quarter of the cost, and my kids couldn't tell. 

Tapioca balls, which make boba tea famous, were scarce last spring. The warehouse quickly added frozen boba bars, a strong competitor. 

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