America's Most Popular Ice Cream Brands, Ranked

Ben & Jerry's: Known for its creative flavors and social consciousness, Ben & Jerry's has a dedicated fan base.

Breyers: Breyers offers a wide range of classic ice cream flavors and is often praised for its simple, natural ingredients.

Blue Bell: A favorite in the South, Blue Bell produces a variety of ice cream flavors, including their iconic Homemade Vanilla.

 Häagen-Dazs: This premium brand is celebrated for its rich and creamy ice cream and indulgent flavors.

 Dreyer's/Edy's: Dreyer's (in the West) and Edy's (in the East) offer a broad selection of ice cream flavors and novelties.

Graeter's: Hailing from Cincinnati, Graeter's is known for its French pot process and iconic black raspberry chocolate chip flavor.

Friendly's: With its nostalgic appeal and classic sundaes, Friendly's is a beloved regional brand.

Talenti: Famous for its gelato, Talenti offers a diverse range of flavors made with high-quality ingredients.