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Even if contemporary technology makes booking a flight easier than ever, there are still some problems. Your base airfare may not include a carry-on bag unless you

pay extra. Other carriers may charge you to pick your seat, which is problematic for non-solo travelers. However, JetBlue and American

have just changed their seating restrictions, which may simplify the procedure for some travelers. See how this may affect your next flight reservation.

Traveling with young children has never been easy, but the past few years have made it harder. Changes to ticketing, boarding,

and taxes have made booking adjacent seats for kids harder for parents. According to a JetBlue press statement,

last week the airline changed its policy to guarantee families can seat together on flights.

Children under 13 must sit next to an adult on tickets bought together under the new rule. The amendment eliminates the seat assignment cost for parents.

"We know traveling with young children can be difficult, so we want to do everything we can to put parents and families at ease by providing a smooth trip each time

they choose JetBlue," JetBlue president and COO Joanna Geraghty said in the news release. "This enhanced family seating policy reflects our commitment

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