8 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

When a dog is stressed, they may exhibit heavy panting or increased salivation, even in the absence of physical activity.

1. Excessive Panting or Drooling

If a dog is feeling stressed, they may have difficulty settling down and may exhibit restless behavior, such as pacing or repeatedly changing positions.

2. Restlessness or Pacing

An increase in vocalizations, like barking, whining, or howling, can be a sign of stress or anxiety in dogs.

3. Excessive Barking or Whining

Stress can lead to a decrease in appetite, causing a dog to eat less or even refuse food altogether.

4. Loss of Appetite

Dogs may resort to destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture or belongings, when they are feeling stressed or anxious.

5. Destructive Behavior

A stressed dog may seek out hiding spots or try to avoid interaction with people or other animals.

6. Hiding or Avoidance

Over-grooming or excessive scratching, especially in localized areas, can be a sign of stress or discomfort.

7. Excessive Grooming or Scratching

Watch for signs like a tucked tail, ears flattened against the head, dilated pupils, or avoiding eye contact, as these can indicate stress in dogs.

8. Changes in Body Language

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