8 Most Popular Types of Bangs to Consider

1. Blunt Bangs

This cut will give you a softer and less harsh transition from your new bangs to the rest of your hair.

2. Curtain Bangs

They are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, so they look and sound like curtains. 

3. Bottleneck Bangs

That bottleneck bangs have a "fluid curved angle that is shortest in the middle of the brows and longest at the cheekbones," while curtain bangs have "just one sweeping angle."

4. Baby Bangs

If you're not familiar with the style, "a baby bang usually falls in the middle of the forehead or in the top third of the forehead.

5. Micro Bangs

That doesn't make them any less popular; they're no stranger to social media, street style, or the red carpet.

6. Curly Bangs

Curly textures and bangs are a match made in hair heaven. They can "completely change your look.

7. Birkin Bangs

French actress Jane Birkin was not only the muse for the renowned Hermès Birkin bag but also for Birkin bangs.

8. Braided Bangs

Take your protective style to the next level with braided bangs.

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