8 Life Hacks For Busy Parents

Line a plastic container with a plastic bag to make a portable vehicle sick bag for long travels.

Car Sick Bag

To guarantee that children clean their teeth for the appropriate amount of time, use a two-minute sand timer or a digital timer.

Toothbrush Timer

Cover soiled shoes with a shower cap before carrying them in a bag.

Shower Cap As A Shoe Cover

Use two diapers for babies at night to avoid leaks. This method avoids the need to wash bed linens every day!

Double Diapers At Night

Try cosmic yoga and frozen dance videos on YouTube to get kids moving.

Cosmic Yoga And Freeze Dance

Consider purchasing family memberships to zoos or museums for rainy days and family trips.

Invest In Family Memberships

Create sensory bottles packed with glitter and water to help toddlers calm down during tantrums.

Sensory Bottles

Attach a tag with contact information to your child's clothing in case they get lost in a crowded area.

Lost And Found Tag

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