7 Best Good Luck Plants For Your Home

Lucky Bamboo

Despite its name, this actually isn't a bamboo plant. It's a type of dracaena that has the lower foliage stripped off to resemble bamboo


Oxalis, or lucky shamrock plant, is associated with St. Patrick's Day and is said to bring good luck to the home.


The glossy, coin-shaped leaves of a pilea plant are purported to bring wealth and luck. It's also super easy to propagate and share with loved ones, which lends a sense of prosperity to the giver.

Money Tree

Also called Pachira aquatica, this sturdy plant prefers medium to bright indirect light but will tolerate low light levels just fine too.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies have glossy green leaves and pretty white spoon-shaped flowers if they get sufficient light.


A symbol of longevity and good luck, the chrysanthemum is a beautiful plant to enjoy indoors and out

Jade Plant

Jade plants are said to bring wealth and longevity and can live for decades with the proper care.