10 Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for women over 50

A classic with stacked back layers and shorter front layers.

Classic Stacked Bob: 

Chic with a sharper back-to-front perspective.

Stacking Bob: 

Adds structure and volume to hair with layers.

Bob With Layers: 

Back is shorter than front, producing an edgy, attractive inverted impression.

Stacked Inverted Bob: 

Gradual layering adds depth and elegance.

Stacked Bob graduated: 

Add bangs to your stacked bob for youth and playfulness.

Bob with Bangs:

A shorter, low-maintenance stacked bob.

Pixie Bob stacked: 

Accept your natural waves for a carefree beachy look.

Stacked Wavy Bob: 

Highlight your hair to add dimension and brightness.

Highlight-Packed Bob: 

Add texture for a trendy, chaotic effect.

Stacking Texture: 

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