10 Strikingly Beautiful Shaggy Mullet Hairstyles for women 50

Asymmetrical mullets require shaving one side of the head.

Shaved Shaggy Mullet: 

Keep front bangs long and scruffy for a boho mullet.

Long Bangs

Blunt-cut ends define and structure mullets.

Short Shaggy Mullet: 

Disheveled and textured shaggy mullets are grunge.

Grunge Shaggy Mullet: 

Get fun and vivid with bold color streaks on your mullet.

Short Shaggy

Create a shaggy mullet by teasing your hair.

Massive Shaggy

A shaggy mullet is easy and gorgeous when you use your natural hair texture.

Naturally Shaggy

Create a side portion for a sleeker mullet.


Enhance your mullet layers with highlights.

Highlighted Layered

Add braids or beads to your shaggy mullet for a boho style.

Hippie Shaggy Mullet: 

Chic and Confident Short Haircuts for Mature Women”