10 Fab Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women over 50

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A classic, low-maintenance pixie cut conveys confidence and flair.

Pixie Cut: 

Adding volume and flow to your hair with a short layered bob is stylish and classy.

Layered Bob: 

A haircut that hits just below the chin can be styled with layers or bangs.

Bob's Chin: 

A short shag haircut with layers and texture is trendy.

Short Shag:

A tapered crop with shorter sides and a longer top is chic and easy to wear.

Tapered Crop: 

A bold, straight-across, blunt cut is elegant and bold for ladies over 50.

Cut Short: 

To look polished and sophisticated, keep your pixie cut smooth.

Sleek Pixie: 

Any short hairdo looks soft and attractive with side-swept bangs.

Side-swept Bangs: 

Choose a short bob with curls or waves for a romantic and fun style.

Curled Bob: 

For a bold, modern look, embrace your natural gray or silver hair color.

Silver Tones:

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